We are inviting EC-Council certified CCT members to be a part of the CCT Scheme Committee. Click here for more details.


How do I apply to be a Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI)?
You must agree to and comply with the applicable Terms and Conditions as per specified at here and also satisfy the following requirements.
  • Complete and submit the CEI Application Form.
  • Provide us with your Instructor Credentials by submitting a copy of any trainer certifications attained (e.g. MCT. Novell, Cisco, Comptia, Juniper). If you do not have any trainer certifications then please attempt the EC-Council CEIv2 exam.
  • The EC-Council Accredited Training Centre (ATC) you are attached to will have to write a sponsorship letter on their company letterhead to sponsor you as their trainer. Please note that your CEI access will only be formalized if you are attached to an ATC.
  • Provide us with your resume stating detailed professional experiences and certification.
  • ​You should be an EC-Council member in good standing. https://cert.eccouncil.org/ece-policy.html.
How long will it take to be a certified instructor?
Where can i access my cei cert?
How will i access my instructor guide and instruction material?
What if i need additional access?
What are the programs i am eligible to deliver?
What if i have trouble with my aspen access?
Under what circumstances will i loose my cei status?
Do i qualify to teach if i do the cei exam?
Where can i attent the train the trainer program? Where can i attent the train the trainer program?
How can i qualify to be come the “cei of the year” , pls chekc with the name of the award i am nt sure wht it is?
How will evaluations benifit me?
What benifits do i enjoy as a cei?
Am i eligible to teach outside my training centre?
How can my employer verify my cei credentials?
Where can i find more details about the CEI exam?