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EC-Council’s Continuous Education (ECE) Policy aims to brand, differentiate, and distinguish a certified member as a dedicated IT Security professional. Such a professional is willing to continuously learn and share knowledge to keep themselves and others abreast of the latest technological changes that affect the way security is viewed, deployed, and managed. This is a key requirement of employers globally.

Once a candidate becomes certified by EC-Council, the relationship between EC-Council and the candidate will always be governed by the EC-Council Candidate Certification Agreement, which the candidate must agree to before receiving their certification. This agreement is provided at the following link:


How many credits will a member earn under the ECE scheme, and what is the duration?

If a certified member earned any certifications included under the ECE scheme, they must achieve 120 credits (per certification) within three years.

If a member holds multiple certifications, credits earned will be applied across all the certifications. Each certification will have its ECE recertification requirements within its 3-year ECE window.

In what ways can a member earn ECE credits?
Which events qualify for the ECE scheme?
How does a member register their ECE credits?
Can a member claim ECE credits for the activities performed as part of their job role?
Can a member claim 120 ECE credits for passing any EC-Council Certification?
Which certifications from EC-Council are included in the ECE system?
Can a member holding any of the above certifications be exempted from the ECE scheme?
How many credits are awarded for passing non-ECE certifications?
When does a member’s certification stand suspended?
When does a member’s certification stand revoked?
How will a member know if their certification has been suspended or revoked?
What must a member do to get certified again after being revoked?
Can a member use the certification name and logo after they pass their exam?
Is a member eligible to use the certification logo if their certification is suspended/revoked?
To whom can the member reach out for ECE status updates?