Exam Preparation

A Guide to EC-Council Certification Exams

Candidates often have many questions about exam preparation and the learning material. Through the following FAQs, let us walk you through some common queries to make the entire process simple and easy as you prepare for the exam.


Where can a candidate register for the exam?
The candidate can register for the exam at https://www.eccexam.com/
What are the steps to register for the exam?
What is the role of a “proctor” during the exam?
Will the exams change or be updated over time? Will a candidate be notified of updates to an exam?
Will the changes in exam content be updated in the learning material?
Can the exam material include content not covered in the training or learning material?
Where can a candidate take EC-Council exams?
What terms is a candidate made to accept before taking a test?
If a candidate took training at an Accredited Training Centre but wants to take an exam in another country. Can they take their exams remotely? Is that possible?
Can a candidate upgrade their exam voucher to another mode of delivery?
Are “brain Dumps” considered an accepted method to prepare for the test?
What is proxy testing, and what are its consequences?
Can a candidate request a refund if they fail the test?