Membership Fee

Membership Fee Blog :

To continue the development and value of EC-Council certification credentials and the continued support of its membership community, EC-Council has implemented a plan that requires the annual payment of certification maintenance fees in line with standard industry practices.

There are 4 types of membership fees as mentioned below:

CCISO$ 100
ECE Certifications $ 80
Non-ECE Certifications$ 20


Are all certified members required to pay the membership fee and what is its validity?
All certified members are required to pay the annual membership fee which is valid for one year.
How can a member pay the annual membership fee?
What is the process involved in payment of the membership fee?
What mode of payment is accepted?
If a member has more than one EC-Council certification; do they need to pay per certification?
Will a member be requested to pay multiple annual membership fees, if he owns more than one account in Aspen?
Will a member be automatically recertified for the next certification cycle (3 years) if they pay the annual membership fee?
Will a member be required to pay the annual membership fee if their certifications are revoked and retired?
Who can a member contact if they have more questions about the annual membership fee?