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EC-Council’s Scoring and Test Performance Guide

EC-Council helps members stay updated on their performance score reports by sending them notifications after completing the evaluation process. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, which should be help candidates to gain clarity regarding the evaluation and the grading (pass/fail) strategy


When will a student know if they have passed or failed the test?
A student will receive a notification of their “passed” or “failed” status after successfully submitting their exam. In addition, they will receive an exam transcript that will provide them with the exam result and feedback on their performance in the skill areas measured.
What information does the exam score transcript include?
How can a student determine whether they answered a specific question correctly and if the answer affected their pass/fail status?
How is the exam score calculated?
What score is required to pass the exam?
How many times can a student attempt the examination if they do not pass on the first attempt?
Does a student need to apply for another exam voucher to retake an exam?