Special Accommodation

Special Accommodation Policy Blog:

Candidates who are differently abled can request special accommodations to attempt any EC-Council certification exam, when the exam is otherwise hard for them to attempt using the standard testing equipment or within the standard exam duration. This initiative aligns with EC-Council’s commitment to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1991).

EC-Council will accommodate reasonable requests by candidates with special needs, equate them with other candidates, and enable them to denote their skills and knowledge in EC-Council’s exams.


What kind of special accommodation requests do candidates make?
Candidates make special accommodation requests with regard to physical, sensory, physiological, cognitive, and developmental impairments that may pose challenges for writing exams.
The special accommodation request is evaluated based on what factors?
What are some of the special accommodations that are considered?
Where can the special accommodation request form be downloaded?
What information is required to help support the special accommodation request from a candidate?
How long does the approval process for a special accommodation typically take?
Who should a candidate coordinate with for special accommodation requests?