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Appeal Procedure

EC-Council adapts the term appeal as a reference to the mechanism by which a candidate/ member can request the reconsideration of an EC-Council decision or exam. The appeal applicants should fill EC-Council Appeal Form and attach all supporting evidence. For instance, if the applicant is seeking EC-Council’s decision in relation to the exam, for example its equipment, materials, content, scheduling, registration, or proctoring, he/should submit EC-Council Appeal Form, EC-Council Exam Feedback form and exam transcript.

If the appeal is related to an EC-Council exam, the appeal request must be submitted to [email protected] within seven (7) calendar days from exam date. All other appeals must be submitted to [email protected] within sixty (60) calendar days from EC-Council’s written decision. Appeals received beyond the above-mentioned timeframe would not be reviewed.

EC-Council will take reasonable measures to ensure that any documentation submitted as part of the Complaint and Appeal shall be and remain confidential except as required by law or as necessary to investigate a complaint and appeal thoroughly.

EC-Council keeps confidential all the information obtained during the complaint process.
1. All complaints are directed to one email address ([email protected]) and managed by one certification personnel only.
2. All the certification personnel are bound by the NDA and legal agreements.
3. The confidentiality of the Complaints and Appeals data is maintained per the EC-Council Privacy Policy.

The appeal process is comprised of three primary stages:

Stage 1: EC-Council

EC-Council will inspect and scrutinize closely and thoroughly the candidate’s appeal before providing a final decision. Technical issues like power outages, system crash, exam items will be forwarded to the testing companies (VUE or ECC) to advise whether there is valid grounds for appeal. EC-Council will provide the candidate with the appeal results within 30 days from receipt of candidate’s appeal request.

Stage 2: Scheme Committee

While EC-Council would exert every effort to resolve all matters in a fair and objective manner, EC-Council gives the applicant the right to appeal to EC-Council Scheme Committee Board if he/she is not satisfied with EC-Council’s decision. The Scheme Committee will verify the intactness of all events and processes and provide EC-Council with its final decision, and EC-Council would communicate the decision to the candidate.

The Scheme Committee meets once every quarter. Only appeal requests received at least 30 days before the meeting will be reviews at that session. Appeals received less than 30 days from the Scheme Committee meeting will be reviewed in the subsequent meeting.

Next SC scheduled meetings are as below:
  • CEH: Dec 2023
  • CEH (Practical): Dec 2023
  • CHFI: Dec 2023
  • CCISO: Dec 2023
  • CND: Dec 2023
  • ECIH: Dec 2023
  • ECSA: Mar 2024
  • CCT: Mar 2024
  • CPENT: Dec 2023
Stage 3: Honorary Council

The appeal will only be put forward to the adjudication of a subcommittee of the EC-Council Honorary Council, which will comprise of no less than 3 members; if the applicant is not satisfied with the Scheme Committee final decision. The request should be submitted to [email protected] within thirty days from the date of the Scheme Committee written decision. Appeals received beyond the 30-days timeframe would not be reviewed.

The Honorary Council meets once every year. Only requests received at least 30 days prior to the Honorary Council meeting will be review at that session. Appeals received less than 30 days from the Honorary Council meeting will be reviewed in the subsequent meeting. The decision concluded by the Honorary Council is irrefutable and is obligatory to all parties involved in the appeal.