Where can the eligibility criteria for students who would like to attempt the test be found?
The detailed eligibility process can be found here
Where can an exam voucher be purchased?
Where can I purchase an exam voucher if I have completed my training?
Where can I get my certificates of attendance (COA) if I have completed my training through an EC-Council authorized channel?
How long is the application approval valid for? Can this be extended?
How long is the exam voucher valid for?
How can I apply for an extension of my exam voucher?
Will I receive a refund if my application is not accepted?

Special Accommodation:

Does EC-Council consider special accommodation?
Yes, EC-Council considers special accommodation in line with our commitment to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1991)
How long does the approval process for a special accommodation typically take?
What other information is required to help support the special accommodation request from a candidate?
Who should I coordinate with for special accommodation requests?

Exam Preparation:

Where can I get more information on the exam development and item challenge practices and policy?
The exam development and item challenge practices and policies can be found HERE
Will the test consist of material that was not covered in the training or courseware that was used to study?
What are the steps to register for the exam ?
What is the role of a “Proctor” during the exam?
Will the exams change or be updated overtime? Will a candidate be notified of updates to an exam?
Will the changes in exam content be updated in the learning material?
Can the exam material include content that was not covered in the training or learning material?
Am I required to sign any agreement prior to the exam?
Where can I take EC-Council exams?
I took training at an Accredited Training Centre but I want to take an exam in another country. Is this possible? Can I do my exams remotely?
Can I upgrade my exam voucher to another mode of delivery?
Can I review my answers during the examination?
Are “Brain Dumps” considered an accepted method to prepare for the test?
What can be the consequences of proxy testing?
Can I remain anonymous if i report a concern about an individual, proctor, or testing centre?
Do my exam application, authentication, audit procedures, or surveys prior to or after I take the exam impact the test questions I see during the exam?
Can I request for a refund if I fail the test?

Scoring and Test Performance:

When will I know if I have passed of failed the test?

You will receive notification of your pass or fail status within a few minutes of completing your exam. In addition, you will receive a printed report that provides your exam result and feedback on your performance in the skill areas measured.

You can also find your score transcript within your Aspen account. You can write to [email protected] for assistance if needed.

What information does the exam score transcript include?
How can I find out whether I answered a specific question correctly, or whether this answer affected my pass/fail status?
How is the exam score calculated?
What is the score required to pass the exam?
Is there a possibility that one can score a passing % on all sections and still fail the test? Can I possibly get a 100% or 0% on any section?
What does my score indicate about competency?
How many times can I attempt the examination in case I do not pass on the first attempt?
Do I need to apply for another exam voucher if I need to retake an exam?
Where can I sign up for a retake?
Can I appeal towards my certification status? Who can I contact to submit my appeal on exam related issues?


How long do I need to wait for my EC-Council digital certificate after I take my exam?
Your digital certificate will be available to download between 7-10 days from date of certification in your Aspen account.
How can I get a physical copy of my certificate?
Where can my certification details be verified?
Do I have to recertify my EC-Council certifications in order to maintain the validity of the certifications?
Can I use the certification name and logo after I pass my exams?