Contribute An Item

What is Item Writing?

In the field of exam development, the questions that are used to construct tests and examinations are referred to as “items”, and the techniques involved in preparing those items are collectively referred to as item writing. EC-Council members are invited to submit potential exam items (questions) which shapes up the exam development process as stated in the ANSI ISO/IEC 17024 Standards.

In this process, the candidates are asked to write the exam items. These are used to map out quality assessments, which in turn are used for the creation of better versions of exam forms. This activity is instrumental to test development.

EC-Council’s Item Writing task is overseen by the Item Writing review board, who are all SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

This is a remarkable way for candidates to use their creativity and imagination, while providing valuable insights into what you find easy and challenging.

EC-Council encourages the item writing exercise, as we believe that this is the finest way to build better exams while engaging and connecting with information security enthusiasts around the globe.

Rewards of ECC Item Writing

  • Approved items are awarded a digital Certificate Of Participation, that will be sent to the candidate’s ASPEN email address.
  • Each approved item will be awarded 3 ECE credits that helps maintain certification(s).
  • An “EC-Council Item Writer” digital badge is awarded to participants whose items get approved, they in turn get to proudly share it on their social media.
  • The Contributor’s name will be published on our Honor Board.

Eligibility Criteria

In-order to contribute an item, you must,

  • Be certified in the title you want to write the item for, and your certification must be in good standing.
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the Infosec domain.

Note: EC-Council CEI’s are not eligible to participate in this activity.