ECIH Scheme Committee

Musili Fredrick

Adeniran Oluwatobi Timothy

Adeniran Oluwatobi Timothy, an accomplished cybersecurity professional with a diverse background in security engineering, operations, and infrastructure, has been selected as a distinguished member of the EC-Council’s ECIH Scheme Committee Board. With a proven track record of excellence spanning over a decade, Oluwatobi brings a wealth of expertise to this esteemed position.

Throughout his career, he has held key leadership roles in renowned organizations such as SunTrust Bank and Dangote Group, where he showcased his exceptional abilities in enhancing security postures, leading teams, and driving strategic security initiatives. As Lead for Security Engineering & Asset Security at SunTrust Bank, Oluwatobi spearheaded the design and implementation of robust security measures across the organization’s infrastructure, significantly improving compliance and bolstering the bank’s security fabric. Prior to this, his role as Lead for SOC Operations demonstrated his proficiency in elevating SOC maturity levels, integrating threat intelligence, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Oluwatobi’s technical acumen is underscored by an impressive array of certifications from global vendors such as ISC2 , CompTIA, Microsoft, EC-Council, Nutanix, CyberArk, CertNexus, Fortinet, among others. His commitment to continuous learning and professional development is evident through his pursuit of various certifications and trainings in cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Oluwatobi has received prestigious awards such as Employee of the Year Group IT 2021 and Best Staff Q1, 2019 at Dangote Industries Limited.

As a member of the EC-Council’s ECIH Scheme Committee Board, Oluwatobi Timothy Adeniran brings forth a wealth of experience, strategic vision, and a passion for advancing cybersecurity standards and practices, contributing significantly to the committee’s mission of shaping the future of incident handling and response globally.

Jody Blanchard

Andrew Anderson


Several years of extensive expertise in conducting digital forensic investigations for law enforcement and private industries. Currently, he continues to gain valuable experience in various areas of cybersecurity, including but not limited to Investigative Methodology, Attack Methods, Computer Forensic and Malware Analysis, and Malware Identification. Andrew has successfully managed multiple forensics and incident response investigations using industry-standard tools, including EnCase, Cellebrite, Axiom, X-Ways, and AccessData FTK. He has also provided his digital forensics expertise as an expert witness in criminal court proceedings. Owing to his professional background and training, Andrew has been exposed to a wide range of digital investigations, varying from highly sensitive to extremely volatile, while maintaining a high level of integrity.

Fahad Abdul

Azeez Razaq Adewale

Azeez is a highly knowledgeable Information Security Governance professional with a strong technical background, having a total of 15 years’ experience which spans across payment & financial services, telecommunication, and audit & consulting industries. He has excellent experiences in developing, executing, and managing the IT security strategy to protect the company’s information systems, data, and infrastructure from potential cyber threats and attacks; Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA), implementation and auditing of information security standards (ISO27001, PCIDSS, NDPR, etc), Vulnerability assessment and exploit of core cloud and on-prem IT assets, Information Security Governance(policies, processes, procedures formulation and compliance monitoring) and Information Security Engineering. He currently holds a Masters degree in Information Security & Digital Forensics.

He currently works as a cybersecurity consultant with Segula Technologies Sweden where he handles automotive cybersecurity with top European automotive players. Prior to that he was working as Information Security Consultant for Bitso SAPI de CV, in Mexico. He has also worked in four other countries. He holds several IT and IT Security certifications including the ECIH. He started his career as a Network engineer for a major Telecommunication company in his home country, Nigeria.

Azeez holds the following certifications:

MSc. Information Security and Digital Forensics., ECIH, CISSP, ISO 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, PCIDSS-QSA, Certified DEVOP-InfoSec Engineer, Certified API Security Architect, ITIL, MCSE: Cloud Platforms, CCNA Cyberops, SCRUM-FC amongst others.

Jody Blanchard

Eli Ellison

Eli leads cyber and cloud initiatives for our immersive instructor-led training. Prior roles include incident response analyst and soc analyst for the financial and healthcare industries. Master’s degree in computer engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Management. Holds multiple technical certifications, including CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner, Certified Ethical Hacker Master, and Microsoft Certified Trainer.


Georgiann G. Rose

Georgiann Rose is a highly skilled professional with 26 years of experience in the working world, specializing in information security for the past 16 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a major in Data Communication (Networking) from the University of Technology, Jamaica. Georgiann has augmented her academic background with an impressive array of certifications, including:

  • Comptia CySA+ (Certificate Number: B0L6PLJZKNVEQXC0, 2024)
  • ISACA CISM Certified (Certificate Number: 232167324, 2023)
  • EC Council Certified Incident Handler (Certificate Number: ECC9273604185, 2023)
  • Cyber Security Training from the US Embassy, Jamaica (2015)
  • Ethical Hacking Training from the University of Technology, Jamaica (2014)

Georgiann’s skill set encompasses a wide range of competencies, including management, administration, leadership, interpersonal skills, and more. She is result-oriented and excels in time management, collaboration, problem-solving, organization, and negotiation. With a strong focus on teamwork and decision-making, Georgiann is dedicated to ensuring robust information security measures are in place to protect organizational assets.

Muhammad Faheem

Guilherme Faro

Guilherme Faro, with +13 years in cybersecurity, is SOC Leader & Advisor at Kyndryl. He leads the development of services in SOC. He has managed security teams at big companies and is active in the community by participating in DEFCON and Blackhat events.

Musili Fredrick

Matthew Funk

Matthew Funk is a cybersecurity professional with over 6 years’ experience in security and 11 years overall IT experience. Matthew is a lifelong learner and hard-nosed to persevere when faced with challenges and troubleshooting opportunities. He has a CEH Master Certification as well as CHFI, ECIH, and Security+ certifications. Matthew has an interest in coding and automation, which has resulted in an Introduction to Python Programming professional certificate from Georgia Tech via edX and a Full Stack Web Development professional certificate from the University of Richmond.

Musili Fredrick

Mikhail Gorbachev Mugotitsa


Mikhail Gorbachev Mugotitsa is an agile transformative leader, with more than ten years of experience in information security governance, data protection, incident response and risk management. He has previously established, led, and accomplished certification in the compliance portfolio, with programs such as PCI DSS, PIN Security, Incident Response, Risk Management, GDPR, ISMS and BCMS. He has a proven track record in managing security programs, providing expert guidance, and leading cross-functional teams to enhance security measures within the private and public sectors. Currently, Mikhail is the Senior Information and Cyber Security Officer at a state corporation tasked with regulating the country’s energy and petroleum sectors. Mikhail holds an MBA from Suffolk University, a Master’s degree in Information Security and Digital Forensics from the University of East London, a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science along with numerous relevant certifications, such as EC-Council’s CCISO, ECIH, EDRP, CEH, IAPP’s CIPM, QMS ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor, CRISC and SANS Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional GIAC (GICSP). These credentials, combined with his professional experience, provide a strong foundation for to contribute to the Scheme Committee, solve complex engineering problems, designed product features, and mentor information security community. He brings a well-rounded skill set to address complex cybersecurity challenges. Mikhail also has a keen interest in Law, focusing on Information Security, Data Protection, Artificial intelligence, Digital Economy, and Digital Privacy-Human Rights. He is currently pursuing Bachelor of Laws at the esteemed University of Nairobi.

Musili Fredrick

Mobashir Ahmed

Mobashir Ahmed is a versatile IT Director renowned for his technical leadership, cybersecurity expertise, and proficiency in network infrastructure. With a Bachelor’s degree from Bhawanipur College, India, Mobashir embodies over 17 years of excellence in Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Infrastructure Leadership.

His proactive philosophy, “Cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore I am”, reflects the approach to IT leadership and complex problem-solving. Recognized for his exceptional work ethic and leadership skills, evident in his successful alignment of resources and teams to achieve business objectives.

Mobashir’s career highlights include serving as the Senior Director of Information Technology at Lacks Valley Stores, where he orchestrated cybersecurity protocols, achieved Compliance, and led the migration of in-house databases to Cloud.

As the Information Technology Manager at Fred Loya Insurance Agency, Mobashir maintained PCI-DSS Compliance, led a diverse technical staff, and implemented innovative solutions, resulting in substantial cost savings.

As a dedicated husband and father, Mobashir seamlessly balances his professional expertise with personal commitments. His diverse background, spanning sectors like Retail, Insurance, Education, Non-Profit, Government, Telecommunications, Energy, Customer Service, and Sales, reflects his adaptability and success in varied roles.

In addition to his wealth of experience, Mobashir shows a lifetime commitment towards learning and teaching. He holds a variety of certifications, including Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA), showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Musili Fredrick

Pawel Ulicha

Pawel Ulicha has 20 years of professional experience in IT, including 10 years in the Cybersecurity field. He has a master’s degree in IT as well as cybersecurity certifications such as: EC-Council Associate CCISO, EC-Council Certified Ethical hacker, EC-Council Certified Incident Responder, EC-Council Computer hacking Forensic Investigator.

He gained professional experience in the field of risk assessment, identity and access management, penetration testing, vulnerability management, incident handling and response. Currently, he works as an IT Security Manager in finance industry. Ready to being a mentor to everyone who is passionate about cybersecurity field.

Musili Fredrick

Stephen Rowley

I have spent fourteen years working in the IT Support industry and over five of those has been in security related roles. I have worked in the private and public sector for several globally recognised organisations, helping to shape and mature their IT security posture. My career began as an apprentice, learning the basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the IT industry and my journey from there has gone through various roles such as incident response, project management and strategy planning. I particularly enjoy the human-centric part of my roles, building strong working relationships with other stakeholders to deliver on results.

Cate Hennard

Aman Naqvi

Aman Naqvi is an accomplished security consultant with over 18 years of experience spanning diverse information security domains. Beginning his career in in 2005 as an IBM Mainframe Analyst, Aman transitioned to the security domain in 2007, where he gained his expertise across various roles.
Aman holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Essex, UK, and an MSc in Advanced Cyber Security from King’s College, UK. He is a holder of multiple certifications including :

  1. Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) – EC Council
  2. Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) – EC Council
  3. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – EC Council
  4. PenTest+ ce – CompTIA
  5. Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) – Offensive Security
  6. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – (ISC)²
  7. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – ISACA
  8. Certified in Cybersecurity – ISC2

Throughout his career, Aman has demonstrated a talent for handling complex security challenges and driving impactful solutions. At a global financial institution, he served as a Senior Information Security Consultant, leading initiatives in security incident response, threat management, threat hunting, identity & access management, and z/OS mainframe security.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the SC members include:

  • Approve key policies governing the operation of EC-Council Certification Division.
  • Assuring consistency of decision making as well as the criteria used therein.
  • Serve on appeals and complaints task groups as appointed by the SC Chair.
  • Promote and provide guidance to promote EC-Council certifications.
  • Provide guidance regarding international initiatives supporting EC-Council certifications.
  • Provide guidance to support educational initiatives related to EC-Council certifications.
  • Determine areas of research required to improve EC-Council certifications.
  • Serve on task forces / subcommittees as appointed by the SC Chair.

Note: Next SC scheduled meeting: June 2024.

Disclaimer: None of the EC-Council | Scheme Committee members are part of the management team of the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) and as such, they should not be construed to be part of the Board of Directors of EC-Council.