ECIH Scheme Committee


Kent Liu

Kent Liu is a IT Security engineer with cross-functional expertise in security management, network designing, project management and cyber hunting. More than 11 years of experience in IT industry, combining strong integrates skills with knowledge and experiencing to positively contribute to organization's IP protection bottom line. Kent has helps companies which he worked for to building/design the IT architecture. Kent holds a BA in Department of Information Management from the Chung Chou University of Science and Technology.


Ayman Alnasser

Information Security Risk Officer, Information Security GRC Professional, CISA, COBIT5-F, ISO/IEC27005 Lead Risk Manager

Ayman Alnasser is an Information Security Risk Officer at a government agency in Saudi Arabia. Ayman believes an excellent information security management enables the business to achieve its goals in the most secure way. Ayman has worked with different reputable organizations to help in the fields of information security GRC.
Ayman obtained multiple certificates in his work field and holds a MSc in Information Security GRC from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Fahad Abdul

Fahad Abdul

Information Security Expert

The specific duties and responsibilities of the SC members include:

  • Approve key policies governing the operation of EC-Council Certification Division.
  • Assuring consistency of decision making as well as the criteria used therein.
  • Serve on appeals and complaints task groups as appointed by the SC Chair.
  • Promote and provide guidance to promote EC-Council certifications.
  • Provide guidance regarding international initiatives supporting EC-Council certifications.
  • Provide guidance to support educational initiatives related to EC-Council certifications.
  • Determine areas of research required to improve EC-Council certifications.
  • Serve on task forces / subcommittees as appointed by the SC Chair.

Note: Next SC scheduled meeting: February 2020.

Disclaimer: None of the EC-Council | Scheme Committee members are part of the management team of the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) and as such, they should not be construed to be part of the Board of Directors of EC-Council.