Ethical Hacking Essentials

Become Certified in Ethical Hacking Essentials

The purpose of the EHE certification is to recognize the competency and expertise of a professional in ethical hacking and information security skills thereby adding value to their workplace and employer. By hiring candidates certified in Ethical Hacking Essentials, employers can expect a foundational level of knowledge surrounding essential offensive red team concepts and hands-on experience to increase productivity. Educational institutions can offer increased value to students by providing them these essential skills to build their career in the corporate world.

Certified individuals have an assured means of demonstrating formal recognition of their expertise and skills on their resume to prospective employers. This improves their prospects for employment advancement, higher salaries, and greater job satisfaction. Established and credible proofs of technical abilities can open doors for increased responsibility and better opportunities.

This certification is an excellent complement to educational offerings in the domain of information security and ethical hacking. The EHE certification verifies a candidate’s knowledge and skills to protect their information assets. The candidate is introduced to various computer and network security concepts such as threats and vulnerabilities, password cracking, web application attacks, IoT and OT attacks, cloud computing, pen testing fundamentals and more.

Certification Target Audience

This certification is specifically designed for today’s entry-level information security or cybersecurity career, or those aspiring to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

Exam Information

EHE (Prefix 112-52) exam is available within the ECC Exam Center.

EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification status of candidates that do not comply with all EC-Council examination policies found here.

EHE Exam Details

EHE Exam Details
Duration2 Hours
Passing Score70%
Blue Print
Clause: Age Requirements and Policies Concerning Minors

The age requirement for attending the training or the exam is restricted to any candidate that is permitted by his/her country of origin/residency.

If the candidate is under the legal age as permitted by his/her country of origin/residency, they are not eligible to attend the official training or eligible to attempt the certification exam unless they provide the accredited training center/EC-Council a written consent/indemnity of their parent/legal guardian and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning. Only candidates from a nationally accredited institution of higher learning shall be considered.

For more info contact : [email protected]

Disclaimer: EC-Council reserves the right to impose additional restriction to comply with the policy. Failure to act in accordance with this clause shall render the authorized training center in violation of their agreement with EC-Council. EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification of any person in breach of this requirement.

Exam Renewal

Post a successful exam attempt, the EHE certification credential will have a validity period of three years from the date of the successful exam attempt. Post this three-year term, EC-Council members may recertify by passing the EHE exam again. There are no Continuing Education fees or EC-Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE’s) required to maintain the EHE certification credential during the three-year term.


What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the EHE exam?

There are no eligibility criteria for the EHE program.

What is the duration of the exam?
What is the passing percentage for the exam?
Is the EHE a part of the EC-Council Continuing Education Scheme?
What is the validity of the EHE certification?
What is the annual Continuing Education fee of EHE certification?