The Certification program retirement policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the retirement of certifications issued by the EC-Council. This policy aims to ensure a transparent and orderly process for the retirement of certifications, allowing individuals to make informed decisions regarding their certifications and transition to new or updated credentialing programs.

Retirement Criteria

EC-Council periodically reviews its certifications to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with industry needs. Certifications may be considered for retirement if they no longer satisfy these requirements due to technological advancements, shifting business practices, or other factors.

Retirement Date

A specific retirement date is established for each certification being retired. This date signifies when the certification program will no longer be available for new candidates to earn. The Authorised training centres (ATC) can order the outgoing version for the next six months and one year for the ACADEMIA partners from the date of the new version launch.


EC-Council provides advance notice to the public regarding the retirement of specific certifications. The retirement date and any pertinent information about the transition procedure or alternative certifications are included in this announcement that is published on the Certification website.

Renewal Options

The program’s retirement won’t impact those who already hold a certification. The ECE requirements, Continuing Education (CE) fees, and renewal cycle will all remain the same throughout the renewal process. As long as the members fulfil the requirements for renewal, the certifications will remain in good standing.

Certification Verification

While the certification is retired, individuals who attained it before the retirement date can still use their credentials.