Certification Exam Policy

Around the world, partners and customers look to EC-Council to deliver the highest quality exams and certifications. EC-Council has developed a number of policies to support the goals of EC-Council certification program, including:

  • Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • EC-Council Certification Agreement.
  • Security and Integrity Policy.


EC-Council certification program requires candidates to accept the terms of a NDA before taking an exam. The NDA legally requires candidates to keep information related to exam content confidential. Requiring the acceptance of the NDA helps protect the security of EC-Council certification exams and the integrity of the EC-Council certification program by legally discouraging piracy and/or unauthorized use of exam content.

All EC-Council exams, including the content and wording of exam questions, constitute confidential EC-Council information and/or EC-Council copyrights that are protected by intellectual property laws. All candidates must agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which obligates them to maintain the confidentiality of EC-Council exams before they can access an exam. If an individual is caught violating the NDA, the candidate will be subject to action.

The full content of EC-Council NDA can be viewed at https://cert.eccouncil.org/images/doc/NDA-Non-Disclosure-Agreement-v2.0.pdf


Before accessing or using an EC-Council certification program benefit, name, or logo, a candidate is required to accept the terms and conditions of EC-Council Candidate Certification Agreement that is applicable to all EC-Council examinations that a candidate is looking to attempt.

A candidate is also required to agree and adhere to EC-Council Candidate Certification Agreement that is applicable to all EC-Council certifications that a candidate have attained, and his/her participation in the EC-Council certification program, including access and use of any EC-Council certification program benefit, EC-Council certification credential, or any EC-Council certification logo that EC-Council makes available to candidate as part of the certification program.

The full content of EC-Council Certification Agreement could be found in https://cert.eccouncil.org/images/doc/EC-Council-Certification-Agreement-5.0.pdf


EC-Council is devoted in helping candidates succeed in their exams and certification. By communicating policies and providing a clear understanding of what constitutes fraudulent behavior and cheating, EC-Council strives to help candidates avoid negative consequences.

Security Policies

EC-Council has specific policies in place that address the areas of security pertinent to EC-Council exams. These policies have been implemented to help maintain and protect the value of EC-Council certification, the investment that EC-Councils make to achieve certification, and the integrity of confidential EC-Council information and EC-Council intellectual property.

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