Aspen v2:

Are all services such as my eCourseware access, Evals and Certificate of Attendance(COA), Certification Certificates, EC-Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE) and more currently available in ASPEN?
Yes, all services and features are currently available within ASPEN.
How can I support my students through navigating the ASPEN portal?
Do I need to register a new account within ASPEN?
Do these new benefits and features impact courseware prices or membership fee’s?
Does the ordering process change for ATC partners?
Does the order fulfilment process change?
Will Access and Eval codes distributed prior June 1st, 2018 still work in the new ASPEN portal?
How will I receive the ordered kits?
Will I be notified when my order is ready?
How can I identify recent orders placed within ASPEN?
Can I check the validity and status of Subscription codes within my ATC account to see which codes may have been used?
As an ATC, would I be able to check the details of the students who redeem codes within ASPEN?
What are the steps involved in activating learning resources including eCourseware, labs, tools, etc.?
How long will eCourseware be available for my students?
Can the course Evaluation be completed before a student completes his or her training?
How will the students receive the exam voucher codes?
Is an Evaluation, or Eval code required to download the class Certificate of Attendance, providing exam eligibility?
How does a student receive his or her Certificate of Attendance?
Will the eCourseware Access code(s) issued prior to June 1st, 2018 work?
Will the Evaluation (or Eval) code(s) issued prior to June 1st, 2018 work?
Can an Exam voucher be submitted within ASPEN to activate a dashboard or eCourseware access?
Will ECSAv9 exam vouchers be sent out to students email addresses upon submitting their pen-testing reports?
When will students that pass their certification exams receive their digital kits?
When will students receive their physical Welcome kits?
How can students request physical address updates?
Where can I find the ASPEN portal navigation help link?