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Maintaining an exam is an on-going process and having it Beta tested is one of the most important steps.EC-Council welcomes all certified members to become beta testers. You can simply write to [email protected] with your Aspen user id


What is Beta Testing?
Beta testing can be defined as gathering psychometric information regarding newly created questions to inform the creation of actual exams. Newly developed questions that have gone through the necessary editing and review processes are administered to representative samples of participants.
How does the data collected from beta testing help in the exam development process?
Does attempting the Beta test help me get certified?
Do I need to meet any criteria or have any specific qualification to volunteer as a beta tester?
How will I benefit should I volunteer as a beta tester?
How can I give additional feedback about the exam after Beta testing?
Do I need to pay for the exam voucher for Beta testing?
What is the test duration?
Do I need to go to a testing centre to complete Beta testing?
For what duration of time is the Beta Test available?
Are Beta test available across time zones?
Will I be provided with guidelines to schedule the Beta test?
Will I have access to my scores from the Beta test?
Are Beta tests similar to Preps?
Can I be a part of the beta testing and then proceed to attempt the actual exam?