CCISO Testimonials

Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. The trainer was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Very helpful and informative

Ali Rochmat

Ali Rochmat,
Vice President for Operation Engineering,
PT EDI Indonesia,
17 Apr,2018
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Cyber Security become a necessity, we should keep our organization far from the bad guys, so what can we do? How can we go foward with all these new threats? I think Ec-council helps us to move foward and protect our orgaznization, I did in the past the training Certified Ethical Hacker, and now I did the Certified Chief information security officer.

The CCISO help us to have a diffent view to help our bussiness to become more safe and grow.

I would like to say tank you very much, I think this was the best trainning Course I did in My Life.

The instructur Dario Caraponale have a deep knwoledge about the course,he helped us to get a better understand about the domains in easy way using some cases, the material have a very good informaton, these will be very helpful for us.


Leandro Ribeiro,
Leader of Cyber Defense,
UnitedHealth Group Brazil,
Dec 06, 2017,

I don't have any doubt: C|CISO is a best training I've made in this year (maybe in my life). The EC-Council partner, the instructor, the material, the colleagues and the shared knowledge are invaluable. Highly recommendable, of course!


Sergio Antonio Pohlmann,
A.F.Electrical Industries - Panambi, Brazil,
Dec 05, 2017,

Conducting the CISO course with EC-Council's brought a broadened view of the importance of developing an Information Governance Governance model together with senior management.

With acquired knowledge it is possible to establish guidelines and premises that enable the board to evaluate the area of information security as an ally of the business.

Another relevant point in training and the quality of the content and its clarity in the management model.

I strongly recommend this training to all those who seek professional improvement, a holistic view of the area of information security integrated with corporate strategy.


Alex Gomes Galho,
FGC Credit Guarantee Fund,
Dec 05, 2017,

The C|CISO classroom environment was one of engagement and learning of the CISO body of knowledge fundamentals. The course pushed for table top scenario responses in the form of teams, which allowed each attendee to provide their insight and experience, but also allowed the ability to learn from others. This course and certification is more than just a check in the box, it helps reinforce and grow the fundamentals a senior cyber security professional already has skill and knowledge wise.

Heath Cory Renfrow,
Army Medicine,
Aug 28, 2017

I am already performing the functions of CISO so the CCISO program gave me the necessary training to carry out the tasks correctly. My goal is to apply all the knowledge gained. I think the instructor, material and facilities for the course are excellent, I think it was 5 days where I really enjoyed the program.

Carlos Alberto Blanco,
Chief Information Security,
Grant Thornton México,
Aug 11, 2017

Zero Cyber-Risk for businesses with C|CISO skill !

Marco Galli,
Founder & Owner,
Cyberwhat ™,
February 01, 2017

The CCISO course is the “golden ring” for every professional of information security, the contents are excellent, topics are entirety related to real life, time dedicated is optimal and instructors have extensive experience about subjects, definitely taking course has been one of my best choices along 10 years dedicated to information security.

Israel Nuñez Valle,
Head Department of System Production & Information Security,
Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (Member or World Intellectual Property Organization),
January 19, 2017

The EC-Council C|CISO was my best decision for 2016. I enjoyed every single moment of this course including the exam. Very well balanced and structured course going far beyond technical aspects, it's my real step into the InfoSec Management world.

Patrick Biselela Kabongo,
Manager Technology Security,
Vodacom DRC,
December 27, 2016

Information Security is core element in any corporate GRC program and need to be addressed. The CISO program covers this market gap regarding Information security knowledge and Governance by training and qualifying CISOs for the market.

Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud,
Chief Information Security Officer,
December 04, 2016

I am glad that I have done about six (6) courses of EC-Council. All of the courses are good at everything.

Md. Tawhidur Rahman,
Team Leader,
National CIRT Bangladesh

IT Security should be the pillar for corporate compliance

C|CISO covers all the important domains of Information Security Systems in one single and combined training that provides holistic InfoSec Management knowledge.

The trainer provided examples that relate to actual real life experience that most IT Managers have faced during their career.

After the course, where we were exposed to so many important aspects of IS Management, I feel I equipped to go back explore and implement the new techniques and guidelines to our IS internal System.

I haven't been exposed before to so many International Standards, like NICE, and ISO, as we operate within local guidelines and we are unaware of global regulations and requirement.

I can relate to all the examples given by the Trainer during the course, I found it very conducive to the learning process.

All domains and components of C|CISO program were very important for my job role as an internal auditor.

After the course I feel I am equipped enough to understand any issue related to IS and go back to prepare myself and share the guidelines with my team in order to address the problem accordingly.

I feel I owe to my company to give back the best of myself since they trusted and invested in me by sending me to this training.

Holding a C|CISO Certificate gives me the confidence to lead Information Security within my company.

I feel that all the materials for the course are excellent. I also liked the instructor very much.

The overall information was excellent.

I truly believe that what is in the CCISO Body of Knowledge is very valuable to a CISO and this was ever more evident when I attended the (EC-Council Foundation Capital Region CISO) Summit and heard the speakers almost quote many of the things that were in the CCISO Body of Knowledge I found that a a great positive because they do it in their daily lives. I feel that the information in the CCISO Body of Knowledge will truly prepare me for a role as a CISO.

A lot of the high level overview of the information in each of the 5 domains is useful for the type of work that I perform. I am responsible for many aspects of Cyber Security for the organization I work for and the information is beneficial to staying on top of the requirements and learning new concepts.

I deal directly with information assurance/security on a daily basis. I have had no formal education in this field. It is all learned on the job. The content of this course has put me on an even playing field with my peers and has already earned me a lot of credit with them.

I currently lead a group of teams responsible for security infrastructure, incident response, risk management, and forensics. This content helped solidify my understanding of the issues relevant to an executive with accountability over those functions.

The CCISO program directly relates to my current job function. I am confident that i will be using almost everything i learned in class. Great training program.

I am constantly being pushed away from a technical role into more of a director role, which is more political and "negotiative". The content relates directly to this concept and reinforced the skills and concepts I need to put into practice.

(The CCISO Program) gives be a better foundation as I look to transition into a CISO role.

I feel that the information in the CCISO Body of Knowledge will truly prepare me for a role as a CISO.

The CCISO program directly prepared me for the next step in my journey of becoming a CISO.

My goal is to serve as a CISO in a small to medium sized organization. The CCISO Program directly correlates to my career goals!

The instructor related real world content with the lessons, providing further reinforcement of the material.

The (best part of the CCISO Program was the) training and discussion as we went through the course material. Having real world situations and examples to talk through made the subject matter more relevant and therefore easier to remember.

The entire program was developed with extreme care and rigor. While I don't have a favorite part, I am mindful that each component of the program is necessary and relevant too providing the appropriate information for those that aspire to become aCISO.

I enjoyed hearing real world experiences and how the industry is moving to expectations of an executive at the table for information security.