I have only one matter to highlight after taking the CEH and CHFI papers, “I have no regrets venturing with EC-Council”

Dinesh Ganisan,
Executive, Technology Performance
and Services (IT Advisory),
BDO Malaysia,
10 Apr,2018
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After completion of this training and exam, I strongly suggest all IT Professionals to do CHFI for their cybersecurity skills and careers.”.

Janan Khan Paktiawal,
Manager IT Infra & Support,
Etisalat Afghanistan Telecom,
Dec 28, 2017,

Cyber forensic is like finding needle in the haystack but if you burn down the haystack and try to find the needle with a magnet in the stack of ash it becomes a lot easier. EC-Council’s C|HFI provides you the magnet, you need to bring the fuel, after completing C|EH, I started studying for C|HFI and passed it. The courseware delivered by EC-Council was great.

Agnidhra Chakraborty,
Co-Founder and CEO,
DFC Security (India),
September 01, 2017

CHFI training was extremely helpful to understand the issues in Cyber Forensics field. Applying these to a specific issue that I am dealing with helped me get past a big hurdle. Thank you!

Chaitanya Tottadi,
July 26, 2017

Not only did this experience teach me the proper techniques of ethical hacking and the proper process of penetration testing as promised, but it also taught me how to learn independently, how to stick with a problem and find ways of solving it, and perhaps most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my security knowledge beyond this certification.

Solly Bopape,
Security Architect,
YaBohle Enterprises,
April 11, 2017

For me, Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) is a useful tool to gain a better understanding of Digital Forensic and obtain such digital evidence to further verify all forms of fraud and corruption.

Tumpal Wagner Sitorus,
Certified Fraud Examiner, Chartered Accountant,
Total E&P Indonesie,
April 06, 2017

Completing the CEH course was an excellent experience. The training was top class and although the exam was difficult, it felt great to pass. Would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to gain more, or build onto existing knowledge of Cyber Security.

Sam Tilston,
Awesome Resources Ltd,
March 16, 2017

CHFI is hightly recomended for professionals in cyber crime investigations. Procedures, methods, processes and tools for investigations are described in detail in this magnificient course. I believe that knowledges in CHFI program can be useful ro wide range of professionals. The cyber world is changing, we must be ready for this.

Oleksii Baranovskyi (Ph.D., CEH, CHFI)
Kyiv Cyber Academy,
March 09, 2017

It was a nice program and got updated with the open source tools which can compete in performance with proprietary softwares

Naveen H V,
Assistant Director, Cyber & Audio-Video Forensics,
Truth Labs,
February 01, 2017

There is a procedures and processes to follow when a hack occurs. Didn’t know that ? Well you will after this course. The course takes you through exactly that, step by step. Virtual Labs are absolutely amazing.

Tevendren Padayachee (TEV),
CyberSecurity Engineer,
Bytes Systems Integration, KZN,
January 30, 2017

EC-Council is one of the potential certification for any security professional. The study materials are highly informative and up-to-date. I recommend this certificate to all security professionals who love to learn cutting edge technology in security and are passionate about hacking.

Imran Liaquat,
Assistant Manager Cyber Security,
EY Ford Rhodes,
January 19, 2017

CHFI provides students an understanding of the procedures, methods and techniques used in forensic investigation as a result of computer crime. A useful training that is directly applicable in practice.

ing. E. M. Tobben,
QA Manager,
Law Enforcement (Netherlands),
December 17, 2016

CHFI provides individuals with the technical,legal, and procedural knowledge needed to prepare for, and pursue, a rewarding career in a field where professionals of their kind are always in demand.

Aaron P. Family,
LeaderQuest – Denver,
November 1, 2016

I completed the CHFI program. The course and tools for the class are highly organized. The labs are amazingly sophisticated and give you ample time to finish. The courseware, media and documents are of a very high quality and extremely well prepared. We contacted a few departments of EC-Council in the due course of the programs for support and the staff is very helpful and quick to respond. I found the content in sync with the current trends in cyber security and close to real life situations. Maybe they can bring in the future some Wi-Fi, web cameras or even their own cyber city!

Nerdom Micro

It was a wonderful week of learning while going through CHFIv8 certification process. Gained knowledge on various modules as per the EC-Council curriculum. Lab sessions for hands-on experience on various tools used for forensics.

Santosh Bhimrao Yadav,
Associate Security Consultant,
Tech Mahindra Ltd

The training content that EC-Council designed is the best and beyond my expectations. Honestly, the entire exercise gave me confidence to deal with cyber-crime and understand cyber security domain. Hope EC-Council will do a lot of cool new things in future.

Muntashir Islam,
Contessa Solution and Consultants LTD, Bangladesh

CHFI certification made me focus on the subject of forensics; it gave me the knowledge and the know-how to investigate cyber-crime, digital evidence examination process, and to understand the tools and methods that are needed in order to detect attacks on information systems.
It is an excellent and useful class. I would recommend it to any person whose job is related to digital forensics domain.

Feras M. Alzoubi,
Information Security Officer,

Would definitely recommend to individuals interested in Ethical Hacking (First/Basic Step). Very useful, informative and fun!

Mayur Agnihotri,
Founder & Director,
ARNE Solutions,

If you have a knife at your home, you better know, it can cut vegetables as well as hands. It depends on use. CHFI guided me and increased my knowledge for using tools to the right direction.

Syed Irfan Naseer,
Information Security Consultant,
Haniya Technologies

I like EC Council Certifications because they are comprehensive courses where you learn everything you need for the day to day at work, also have highly trained instructors. These courses help me to push my career.

Josu Loza Gonzalez,
Monitoring Manager,

I didn’t know classes like CEH and CHFI existed until I was shown the courses at New Horizons, San Bernardino. I had done many things before on my own, but never had formal training. This is what I was lacking while looking for work. Everybody wants degrees, or certificates to land a job. The class material provided by EC- Council was accurate, informal, and filled in the gaps that I needed to take the certification tests while going for my BS. These courses were really fun and my instructor Dennis Thibodeaux was knowledgeable and great! I would recommend these courses to others in the same field.

James R. Bowker Jr.,
New Horizons San Bernardino/ BYU-Idaho

The security training provided by EC-Council have been very useful. I have been working in the security field from long time but EC-Council helped me to grow more. Its like certified additional skill that makes me a different person. I feel confident than before.

Satish Kumar,
Chief Security Officer,
Microcen Web Technology PVT Ltd.

Forensic Investigation training was the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training I found. It comprised on detailed study material and exercises. I highly recommend to all TI stack holders to attend this training and get certified.

Ahmed Aftab,
Manager IT
Hub Power Services Limited. Hub Power Plant.

It is my pleasure to take the time to praise the EC Council for having such a magnificent class, specifically THE Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course. The course had an abundance of information, utilities, programs, and hands on experience. I am a consultant at Dell and we do have a lot of technical training, but I must comment that this one is one of the best trainings I have seen in several years. I will definitively recommend this course to all my colleagues.

Hector Alvarez,
Enterprise & Storage Consultant,
DELL Corporation, Austin, Texas

It’s a great honor to praise the EC-Council for having such fantastic certifications. The CHFI course has a lot of information and solid security engineering practices. I am an Operations Manager & Data Recovery Engineer at Disk Doctors, one of the world known Data recovery companies and do have a lot of on hand Data Recovery practices, but I must comment that this one is one of the best courses I have seen in several years. EC-Council training and methodologies have given me an upper hand to effectively and efficiently determine the forensic problems involved in the advancing Data Recovery business.

With data storage devices becoming the integral part of everyday life, forensic science has entered the dimension of bits & bytes. Forensic analysis of Data Storage devices involves the identification, preservation, discovery, retrieval, & reporting of digital evidence from any type of digital media storage devices containing valuable and sensitive information.

My CHFI certification is also an astonishing asset to my Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA certifications plus qualities of this EC-Council course have certainly assisted my Data Recovery work because of the great in depth detail they have. I’m certainly a much better forensic advisor and consultant in my Data Recovery field than what I was before which definitely puts a plus point for the company on the international market.

Aziz Mirza,
Disk Doctors

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) have added values to my expertise while working on one of the largest Enterprise Network of KOC (Kuwait Oil Company). The organization has many versatile applications, devices and planned catering for other sister companies such as Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, Kuwait Projects and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) with financial institutions. My first hand experience after the recent valuable knowledge from EC-Council has enabled me to pin point an inside attack on the KOC network which could have caused serious breakdown over the weekend. I was lucky enough even to recognizing the tools and technique used to disrupt the services.

Muhammad Yasir Ilyas,
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

EC-Council certifications are a must for a Security Consultant handling VA & PT ,since these courses help the candidate to understand in-depth concepts of “Ethical”-Hacking and to make them realize & understand the importance of Ethics & Trust which gives a comfort feeling to every customer, who will be offered the VA & PT services, I have “C|HFI”& “C|EH” both these certifications under my belt, I started my career into IT system’s Administration & was inclined towards IT-Security, Hacking, Red-Teaming…etc, I refereed to many of the well-known books from the Authors Stuart McClure, George Kurtz & Joel Scambray all editions of “Hacking Exposed” series, Hackers Beware & then I used to think during the mid of 2001, that there should be a certification for these skill sets, who uses in a right manner/Ethics, Then One day a friend of mine in Germany she informed me about this EC-Council’s certifications. I was very happy to know that finally there was a certification for which I & many of us in todays IT world need this to prove & show our talents in IT-Security & Consulting field.

I had taken up the above courses at their launch when Karrox was their training partners, C|EH & C|HFI. I had attended and it was the very 1st version when these certs were out in the market. Being certified C|HFI & C|EH; it helped my Organization, My Customers in US, UK, & India to get a comfort feeling and a good trust relationship, Being C|HFI it has greatly helped me in understanding the Incident Handling & Digital Evidence Handling, Search & Seizure as per the Laws & Ethics which are involved and they play the most important role in any Organization, It also helped me in defining my organizations Incident Response team & Red-Team as well. EC-Council Cert’s have become a must hold for any Individual planning to take up Information Security as their career.

Nitin Kushwaha,

Being certified of CEH and CHFI, I officially lead the team of security consultancy and Forensic investigation in the current company. Definitely, the certification made me focus on the subject area and help serve our customers in a more professional way.

Jacky So Yui Hung,
Network Security Consultants Limited

Happy for certified as CHFI, while the certification help me to earn more in my career (Knowledge, Chance, Awakening etc). Honestly, my job is not only related Computing Security, but also I need to prepare other fields, for instance marketing view, business concept. EC-Council is very strong in E-Business concept and offers related courses; those are very useful and suitable for us. Thus, I think you must find your need in EC-Council.

Egon Liu,
Rootpe Solution

EC-Council opens a new breed of certifications, e-business combined with security. Being an EC-Council certified gave me more credibility to my students and clients. As a Trainer/IT Security Analyst/Systems Engineer, I became an angel to the IT industry of my country, securing vulnerable systems and protecting the Infrastructure. Several training centers offered me to teach CEH and CHFI when they saw me conducting workshops and heard about what EC Council has to offer. As a person, being an ethical hacker helped me become more aware of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Richard Ryan R. Hernandez II,
Jupiter Systems

In the enterprise we found that the aplication of the new security parameters that had been aplied to our IT infraestructure let us see that this parameters aplies too in our personal security. Now we are planing the implementation of security with the Human Resources department of the enterprise. This has been posible thanks to the knowledge aquired with the CEH and CHFI courses and certifications. Now we are creating a new ambient of security involving internal procedures, the actual laws and the social problems of our country that threats our lives. I thank to EC-Council for my new skills and the doors that now are opening to my professional and personal life.

Oswaldo Rodriguez Morales,

I recently attended the EC-Council’s “Computer Hacking – Forensic Investigator ” class. It was an excellent and highly useful class! I would recommend it to any system or network administrator because the subject covered contains valuable knowledge that any level administrator of any IT/MIS department might need. In the past few years, we here in the MIS department had seen a few “near hits” from people attempting to break our security. Near enough that those of us in MIS wanted to know: if our legal department decided to pursue it, what evidence would we, in MIS, need to give our legal department for a successful prosecution? What evidence would be needed or expected and how should it be treated so the evidence is not dismissed? That’s exactly what this class teaches you. The course chapters had a nice logical flow and there was enough time between modules to experiment and try the tool just discussed.

Joyce Noeltner,
Valley Mental Health

CHFI is a certification that gives an complete overview of the process that a forensic investigator must follow when is investigating a cybercrime. It includes not only the right treatment of the digital evidence in order to be accepted in the Courts but also useful tools and techniques that can be applied to investigate an incident.

Virginia Aguilar,
KPMG, Madrid

The CHFI Certification is an incredible asset to my company which has now a better understanding on security issues, especially concerning vulnerability.

Frank Chow,
Automated Systems (HK) Ltd. China

The CHFI certification, gave me the knowledge and know how to investigate cyber-crime, laws involved, how to handle different types of digital evidence, rules of evidence, digital evidence examination process.

In addition, I learned the roles of first responder, first responder toolkit, securing and evaluating electronic crime scene, conducting preliminary interviews, documenting electronic crime scene, collecting and preserving electronic evidence, packaging and transporting electronic evidence, reporting the crime scene.

Richard Medel, Certified in the following technologies:
(Microsoft Instructor, VMWare Instructor, CEI/CEH/CHFI, Cisco Instructor, Linux+ Instructor)
Network and Security Penetration Test Expert,
President, Virtual IT Director, LLC, a Security & IT Management Company

The CHFI training and certification was very important as it gives a structure and form of the skills and knowledge which I developed and acquired through the years. On the other side this certification helps our company and team to build trust in our customers.

The qualification which I attain through CHFI certification was of big importance to establish our team by raising the performance and the quality of the delivered service.

Victor Tashev
Computer Forensics Professional,
HP Enterprise Security Services

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification has been instrumental in assuring both my company and our clients that my skillset is among the elite in the cyber security and response profession. The CHFI allows my company to readily identify to our DoD clients that our team is trained to perform the rigorous functions required of cyber threat response team. Our company can now better brand our capability to investigate cyber security incidents, perform computer/malware forensic analysis, identify active threats, and report our findings. This certification speaks to the integrity, capability, knowledge, and professionalism behind the work I perform our clients. They sleep a little better at night knowing that trained cyber professionals are ready to respond when the need arises.

The knowledge obtained Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification has enabled me to readily refine the cyber incident investigation process for my government client. As a member of Booz Allen Hamilton’s elite cyber team providing cyber threat analysis and response to our DoD client, I am asked to respond and provide an accurately detailed analysis in a real time environment. The lessons learned from my CHFI training have helped me to identify a more streamlined and qualitative approach to how each cyber incident is handled. This has enabled our team to reduce the cyber incident “Kill Chain” significantly. The techniques, tactics, and procedures outlined in the CHFI program were of great use, even to a seasoned cyber security professional like myself.

The CHFI program has helped me better serve and secure the important missions my clients perform.

Brad W. Beatty
(CHFI, CEH (v7), CISSP, MCSE 2000,
MCSA 2000 + Messaging)
Cyber Security Analyst,
Booz Allen Hamilton, USA

CHFI has helped me understand the tools and methods that are needed in order to detect attacks on information systems and how best to extract pertinent data so that it can be used to prevent future cyber attacks.

After obtaining the CHFI certificate, I now am more cognizant of potential hidden threats that exist in today’s informational world. With the knowledge I have gained I find that I now have a great deal of information on my side when it comes to working on projects and what it means to be aware of the organization’s surroundings during all types of network activities.

Greg Orehostky
Network+, Security+, Solaris10 SCSAS)
Sr Engineer, AT&T, USA

The security threat to DOD networks today involves as many as 250,000 “probes and scans” an hour. The threats to America’s network infrastructure are broad. In the past, it’s included exploitation. In such instances, that means theft and misuse of data. That could include intellectual property, classified information, or even bank accounts used to steal money. Capable CHFI professionals bolster the U.S. Cyber Command’s ability to defend the network infrastructure of the United States.

Since attaining the CHFI credential, I have been able to make contributions in the areas of

  • information security governance.
  • information risk management
  • information security program development and management, and
  • incident management and response for US CYBERCOM
Carnell A. Council II
(CHFI, ITIL v3; CompTIA Security+,
CompTIA Project+, ISFS)
Chief Information Security Officer,
US Army Cyber Command USA

Computer forensics field is quite complex and going to be mature in coming 3-5 year from now. This requires computer professionals to gain specialized knowledge in digital forensics to be able to handle security incidents and data breaches in the organization. EC-Council provides a good starting point in digital forensics via CHFI course and I expect them to come up with more specialized courses on forensics like – Digital forensics of APTs owned systems etc.

Sandeep Bachhas
(CHFI, CEH, CCNA, Security+,
Information Security Administrator,
Adobe Systems

I have been in the IT industry for 20 plus years, I have developed and grown in many aspects. I have taught at the Bachelor’s level for several years and have developed numerous courses used locally within my organization. As I have developed and grown within the IT and IA community the need to be able to protect has outrun the ability to determine how a system or environment was compromised. The development of Forensic ability and knowledge centers has given us another tool to use in the development of security and system hardening.

The CHFI program provided us the ability to restore and collect data from various machines and platforms. This ability ensures our continued due diligence in providing accurate accountability for activity.

The certification places me within the company of other industry professionals, providing an equalized environment of awareness and knowledge. This equalization provides for the sharing of knowledge and resources in defending and attempting to ensure we stay ahead of those determined to do harm.

Steven A. Kause
Information Assurance Network Manager,
Department of Defense

Though I already had some other certifications, the CHFI label has extended / broadened my view on that specific landscape a bit. The bootcamp has allowed me to extend my circles of acquaintances as well.

Kris Carlier
[CHFI, CISSP (361131), CISM (1013040),
GCIH (1507) GCFA (1291),
Technical Director (cert), Belgian Defence

Quality of safety and security especially for long-term data retention has improved.

It could be demonstrated that process and methods are best practice and state of the technology.

EC-Council’s CHFI course and certification provided me with the support required for infosecurity department and specification of process improvements for long-term data retention process.

Gregor Kuznik
(CHFI, ITIL foundation)
IT service coordinator,
Siemens AG Germany

CHFI was of much use in day to day work as “Information Security Officer”. Be it application testing, Incident handling or Forensic requirements. Topics covered in the course are comprehensive. With vast growth of internet and Computer literacy, both internal and external threats are growing exponentially. The course equips the candidates to face the future threats not just a fire fighting during incident.

CHFI training helped me to perform:
  • Well informed Security reviews and Challenge the developers and administrators for secured configuration and implementations.
  • Could Solve and perform efficient investigations of computer incident
  • Could guide my colleagues on better approach to solve the issues.
  • Quality of my risk assessment reports improved.
  • Helped in drafting good and sound policies and technical standards.

CHFI makes you a leader ahead of others. With vast growth of attack vectors and chain of incidents happening internally as well as from outside your environment, you need to be CHFI to build a secure information system. Course is useful to Security Professionals, investigators, Administrators and developers especially web developers.

As the future wars are fought on cyber world, every nation, organization should equip with sufficient numbers of CHFI. They will be your soldiers protecting your perimeter and Information.

Krishna Holla
Senior Information Security Officer,
Arab National Bank

The high threat in the internet world and the necessity of prevent, detect and counter attack the online danger is my main concern. The CHFI certification enhanced my skills and provided the tools to properly extract and analyze evidence and report the crimes. This has enabled me to establish preventive measures and conduct effective audits to prevent any future attack. The knowledge obtained through the certification allowed me to create a robust preventive system which allows early detection and eliminate any threat in our systems

I have been able to establish a strong preventive system in our network. I have applied the tools and methods learned allowing me to extract evidence, creating an effective method to maintain the integrity of the evidence. I established an audit system which has improved greatly the security and proper procedures for a more secure system. This insures high quality and effective service on our systems.

Juan E Rojas Rodriguez
(CHFI, ECSA, CEH, Security+,
Information Assurance and Security Analyst,

he CHFI certified course taught us analysis techniques, helping me carry out day do day infosec operations.

  • Awarded by TCS as the Role model of the team for Excellent Contribution towards handling Virus outbreak.
  • Awarded as BRAVO At IBM India – for Excellent Contribution in removing Defects in the Global Delivery Framework Pool and Outstanding Workload Management.
  • Awarded as BRAVO At IBM India – Good Contribution in NiSource Event Log Management Team.
  • Awarded by Team Members At IBM India – for Good Team work and Hardworking.
  • WE received appreciations from clients for the outstanding work done in reducing risk exposure of our client.
Balaji Vijayan
Designation: Systems Engineer,
TCS India

Incorporating proper forensic practices into an incident response capability increase the ROSI for businesses. In order to properly react, you must prepare. There are lot of intrinsic experiences that need to be fully understood to improve your capability.

Leo A. Dregier III
PMP, Linux+, E|Cyberm Marketing,
E|Project Management, GCIH, GAWN,
LM21, Sourcefire, Snort Rules,
MCSE 4.0, MCSE 2000, CCDA,
CISO – Problem Solver – Incident Responder,
The Security Matrix

This is an excellent certification that has challenged me to move up to the elite level of computer forensics. The CHFI certification has added a whole new level to my computer forensics knowledge- hacking and system exploitation. Since I have attained the CHFI credential I am now regarded as an expert in detecting malicious software and system exploitation.

Dave Brooks
Computer Forensic Examiner,
Newberg-Dundee Police USA

After clearing CHFI certification, I have successfully investigated various security incidents at my organisation in a more organised and appropriate manner. Moreover, I have suggested different ways to secure our assets from various malicious attacks.

Ever since I have successfully cleared CHFI and other security certifications, I have been encouraging my team mates to acquire these too.

Kapil Malhotra
Tech Lead Information Security,
Adobe Systems India

Post CHFI training and certification, it gave me and my employer the advantage of dealing with security incidents in a more organized manner.

Additionally, it also helped us to gain some basic and some very critical knowledge as the information within the CHFI program is great. Most importantly it gave us exposure to various tools which are very useful making our job easier. There’s a definite improvement in service to the clients.

Ayan Bhandari
System Engineer
(Security Specialist),
Tata Consultancy Services India

I have designed and created a framework for forensic analysis and investigation in line with the CHFI recommended standards.

I have inspired my security team to be more innovative and proactive towards security incidents.

My attaining CHFI has inspired two more members of my team to work towards attaining the CHFI certification.

The certification has also improved our response to security incidents.

Igboa Emmanuel Abumere
Packeteer Certified Specialist)
Senior IT Security Analyst,
Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC Services Nigeria

Attaining this certification gave me the stepping stone I needed to further my studies in the field of digital forensics.

I have participated in multiple forensic investigations that helped to bring down some of the most prevalent botnets.

Joseph P. Smith jr.
IT Specialist (InfoSec),
Department of Energy-Office of
Environmental Management

CHFI has given me the confidence that I can in turn offer my company to tackle many issues regarding IT Security. All in all my qualifications earned put me in good stead to offer my company the very best of security practices, guidelines, policies as well as the ability to react to any incident via a practiced and successful incident process.

With The knowledge gained via my working experience and through the accreditation via EC-Council, I have found myself more and more in demand from fellow peers and organisational executives. It gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction that I can give back to others that so many in my field have given to me. CHFI is a completely new direction in IT and is becoming a very recognised qualification to have, especially in time of a criminal event

Christian Charles
DCS Security Analyst,
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Switzerland

CHFI has helped me to complete investigations faster and with greater clarity. It helps to reduce the violation in the organization thus preventing possibilities of significant losses.

With the knowledge of CHFI, I have uncovered some cases related to hacking and data manipulation. Moreover, I can get more digital evidence for legal purposes.

(CHFI) Internal Investigator in Government,
Directorate General of Tax Indonesia

Being a person from commerce background, technical knowledge of investigation gives me extra edge.

It enables better way of collecting evidence so that cases could be presented / decided.

The CHFI course and certification has provided me the technical competence in the investigation of cases.

Mukesh Jawaharani
(CHFI, Associate Chartered Accountant,
Certified Information System Auditor,
Diploma in Information System Audit,
Certified Internal Auditor)
Senior Manager – Internal Audit,
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

I have framed a cyber security and forensic policies for the bank in my private consultancy. Moreover, I have advised a number of companies to send their employees to the University of Zambia to do CEH and CHFI.

Chipili Sokoni
Network Infrastructure Analyst,
Barclays Bank Zambia

The CHFI certification has enabled the company I work for to sell my services to clients as Security Technical Consultant and Governance Manager / Engineer.

The CHFI certification has enabled the company I work for to sell my services to clients as Security Technical Consultant and Governance Manager / Engineer.

Peter Frochtenicht
Security Technical Consultant,
Dimension Data Australia

With the acquired knowledge from my CHFI training my approach and thoroughness of investigations has become common place in daily ops. I have generated SOP’s based on industry best practices and guidelines.

Thank you EC Council for your thorough training and comprehensive source material.

Since acquiring my designation I have used my skills to recover data that if lost would have had considerable impact on the members effected. This has aided my organization many times and has prevented considerable man hours from being wasted on re-creation of potential lost data.

Scott Gardner
Manager IM / IT Ops, Dept.
National Defence Canada

I took the CHFI certified course in order to improve my knowledge about preparation and application of forensic methodology. It gives a dimension in a forensic investigation for crimes related to digital world.

Understanding the forensic methodology and thorough practice of tools has developed knowledge of detecting hacking attacks and extracting evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.

Dhaval Kamani
(CHFI, CEH, ISO 27001)
Sr. Engineer, Nomura

CHFI certification helped to detect hacking attacks and extracting evidence.

Also to report the cyber crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks. Computer forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.

Knowledge gained from CHFI helped my organization to prevent and protect the cyber infrastructure and to take appropriate steps against the security breach of computer related crimes and to prosecute the cyber criminals with the help of legal experts.

M.Kasi Raju
(Cyber Crime Prosecution and Defense),
PGD (Cyber Laws)] Technical Superintendent,
Indian Institute of Technology India