As an Internal Auditor, I find CND program to be versatile and useful to all professions. It has added great value to my skill set and I believe it will be of use for all IA who seeks to expand their area of expertise.

Vuthy Keo,
Senior Head of Internal Auditor,
PRINCE Financial Plc.,
Dec 05, 2017,

I filled the gap of my current security knowledge. The practical stuff from our instructor was interesting and liked the labs which showed you how to’s for security management in the it environment.

Rene Kretzinger,
Network Engineer,
Netstream AG,
Sept 13, 2017

EC-Council is the best knowledge provider because they contribute to the world with marvelous courses which is useful for everyone around the world.

Vy Sokhamphou,
IT officers,
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Cambodia,
Sept 07, 2017

Good to know for starting in IT Technology Security, the courseware was Good, CND is my start to Technology Security basic.

Ronald Karim,
Technology Security Analyst,
PT AKR Corporindo TBK,
April 21, 2017

An excellent starting point for anyone interested in the IT Security Industry. Courseware was very comprehensive. Virtual Labs are absolutely amazing.

Tevendren Padayachee (TEV),
CyberSecurity Engineer,
Bytes Systems Integration, KZN,
January 30, 2017

I must say, my first attempt with EC-Council CND course has given me an opportunity to improve my knowledge to work in an organised way in cyber world. CND is a game changer in my career as it showed me the correct path for IT security.

Anshul Gupta,
IT Engineer,
Koenig Solutions (Dubai)

I am very grateful for the effort given by EC-COUNCIL to give a fruitful and effective certification ‘CND’ to advance my career in the field of Security.I should specially appreciate EC-Council for their new course, the content outline and the study materials provided are all invaluable. I will definitely recommend EC-Council for anyone who seeks to advance their knowledge in the field of Security.

Nithin Abraham,
Ict Consultant,
Radiant Group, UAE

It is a wonderful course. EC Council truly covers a professional from all sides of information Security. Help a right from configuring to testing and auditing!

Niranjana Karandikar,

EC-Council CND program is one of THE BEST Network Security certifications with clear subject focusing and also teaches you just the right amount of topics which are much needed for industry. I would be recommending CND over all the other network related security certifications.

Gagan Jain Bommaiah Satish,

The CND program is sensational, fully updated content and meets a demand repressed in the market. In Brazil we are addressing professionals and companies on the CND and the demand expectation this is great, because the content is very rich and what the program aims not learned in the course of graduate courses and much less in post graduation courses.

Leandro Mainardi,
Country Manager,