ECSA takes the knowledge covered in CEH and applies structure and disciplined methodology to it. ECSA guides you through various advanced hacking tools and techniques. The skills you learn in ECSA are directly applicable in real world pen testing engagements.

Razzaq Chishty,
Information Systems Security Auditor
at Arab National Bank,
Jun 6, 2018,

Very informative, really made me think about possible scenarios, particularly to understand the toughest topics in security analyst and penetration testing methodology.

Septafiansyah Dwi Putra,
Lecturer and researcher on information security,
Politeknik Negeri Lampung,
Nov 22, 2017,

As academician, I already knew many of the theory and concepts in information security. However I lacked the practical know-how. The labs in ECSAv9 and the prerequisite report helped me improve my practical skills in information security, especially in penetration testing.

Muhammad Agni Catur Bhakti,
Sampoerna University,
Nov 22, 2017,

I really enjoyed this course because it’s achieving not only skill but how we save our infrastructure. This course open my eyes to the world of hacker and how they work with it.

Agus Triyono,
Politeknik Negeri Samarinda,
Nov 22, 2017,

As I have already done CEH in early 2017, ECSA course (ECSA) helped me in gaining better subject matter knowledge both theory and practical with ilabs.

Alde Alanda,
Politeknik Negeri Padang,
Nov 22, 2017,

I hardly recommend ECSAv9 certification to who wants to boost their career in Information Security and learn deeply about Ethical hacking & Penetration Testing and Analysis as per the real world scenarios.

EC-Council certifications are potential certification courses for any security professional. Thanks for the team who developed this course-ware. Each topic on Penetration Testing is covered in detail and also labs exercises are very useful.

Arunbalaji Selvaraj,
Principal Engineer,
EMC Corporation,
Oct 18, 2017,

I really enjoyed this course, not only it added value to what I studied earlier, but it opened my eyes to new aspects of information technology and improved the way I look at IT, making me know better how to secure an infrastructure by knowing how it might be hacked, the instructor was also rich in knowledge and helped me achieve what I need, this is one of the things EC-Council really cares about in training centers. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to advance in this field.

Joe J. El Housseini,
Information Security,
Oct 17, 2017,

With more than 10 years of experience in security, I never finish learning and the CCISO course reinforces all my knowledge, gives me an update and new ideas to be practical not only in my business but also in my daily life. Thanks EC-Council.

Fernando Ramírez Orozco,
SID Security Manager,
Cable & Wirelees,
Sept 20, 2017

ECSA is the second step to achieve L|PT (Master) after C|EH and it is the most important step, you have to gather knowledge from C|EH and apply the same on E|CSA practical and MCQ exam, E|CSA gave me the confidence to sit for a penetration testing on a live box, the courseware provided by EC-Council is as always great, filled with information and latest tools and techniques.

Agnidhra Chakraborty (C|EH, ECSA, C|HFI, L|PT Master),
Co-Founder and CEO,
DFC Security,
September 01, 2017

After months of hard work I have become ECSA V9 certified. I found it much challenging and real life oriented penetration testing training & certification program. One month iLab access and problem set will provide a penetration to familiar with real life problems and to some extent it is way more comprehensive.

Md. Azizur Rahman,
Security Engineer,
Augmedix BD,
July 31, 2017

As the market for InfoSec and SecOps talent heats up and the skills shortage continues, infosec professionals who have the right combination of credentials and experience are in high demand, and that’s where EC Council comes up. ECSA v9 certification is very helpful to enhance penetration testing skills both practically & theoretically and the lab exercise & challenges prior to the exam was very sophisticated and fruitful.

A. S. M. Shamim Reza,
Assistant Manager, Network Operations,
Link3 Technologies Ltd. Bangladesh.,
May 17, 2017

ECSA v9 is one of the most respected certification in the world. Our Customers have confidence that the tests will be carried out by a specialist in security. They expect quality and professional penetration test report which was covered in the course. This course met my expectations.

Bc. Ladislav Velecký (CEH, ECSA),
Senior Technical Architect,
March 02, 2017

ECSA provides hands-on penetration testing experience. It covers the testing of infrastructures, operating systems and application environments and trains us on the process to document and write a penetration testing report. ECSA labs and challenges cover real world scenario in penetration testing methodologies.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a career in Information Security and to master Penetration Testing and Analysis.

Feras M. Alzoubi,
Information Security Officer,
January 19, 2017

EC-Council is one of the potential certification for any security professional. The study materials are highly informative and up-to-date. I recommend this certificate to all security professionals who love to learn cutting edge technology in security and are passionate about hacking.

Imran Liaquat,
Assistant Manager Cyber Security,
EY Ford Rhodes,
January 19, 2017

I sat for the ECSA V9 exam on December of 2016 and was awarded the title of EC-Council Certified Security Analyst. What an honor. I must say that the presentation of the training and the hands on portion of every EC-Council program that I have taken has made the difference. I have to admit that the 30 day ECSA prerequisite of submitting a pentesting report was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my certification journey. EC-Council has hit it out of the park with this certification and the prerequisite. It forces the candidate to prove through hands on that they can implement the knowledge gained from the class rather than just being a good test taker.

Cameron G. Mitchell, MS, ECSA, CHFI, CEH, ITILV3 ,
Double Helix Cyber Security Solutions,
December 16, 2016

I completed the ECSA program. The course and tools for the class are highly organized. The labs are amazingly sophisticated and give you ample time to finish. The courseware, media and documents are of a very high quality and extremely well prepared. We contacted a few departments of EC-Council in the due course of the programs for support and the staff is very helpful and quick to respond. I found the content in sync with the current trends in cyber security and close to real life situations. Maybe they can bring in the future some Wi-Fi, web cameras or even their own cyber city!

Nerdom Micro

The ECSAv9 certification is very helpful in enhancing security penetration testing skills both practically and theoretically.

Khiem Bui,

This certification is helpful to enhance security ethical hacking and penetration testing skills. As part of the IT Security industry, we security professionals are required to keep in pace with the latest security developments, Loopholes, vulnerabilities, and methods of possible security breaches. I found this certification helpful in learning all such concepts. The lab exercise were helpful for challenges and the challenges exam was an awesome experience as it showcased real world scenarios, where I could actually try and hack the systems/websites/servers, break into them, and finally recommend the solutions according to their levels.

I truly recommend this training course to anyone who wants to boost their career in Information Security and learn deeply about Ethical hacking & Penetration Testing and Analysis as per the real world scenarios.

Nevil Ghael,
Automotive Security Analyst,
KPIT Technologies

As far as concerned with course-ware of ECSAV9 hats off to the team who developed this course. Each topic on Penetration Testing is covered in detail, also the i-labs exercises are very user friendly & easy to do.

Kamesh Kumar,
Security Analyst,
Tech Basil,

Before this course I did not understand some of the difficult concepts of the ECSA like SQL injection. The teaching style, expertise, and good materials helped me understand the toughest topics in the ECSA. I will definitely recommend EC-Council programmes to my company and to my colleagues.

Sachin Patil Patkar,
Security Engineer,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As I have already done CEH in 2015 , ECSA course (ECSA) helped me in gaining better subject matter knowledge both theory wise and practical know how with the addition of the lab setup. As mentioned, the core strength of the courses is the hands on exercises on the lab introduced in ECSAv9. I gained subject matter knowledge that made me confident than before. It was one fantastic experience learning the skills. EC-Council certifications helped me in my career growth. At present I work as Security Analyst and I do myself VAPT and report Writing. Thanks for introducing these Security Certifications.

Ratheesh Raveendran,
Information Security Analyst,
Lulu Group International

This certification is helpful to enhance security penetration testing skills both practically and theoretically. As part of the IT industry, we security engineers are required to keep up with the latest security developments and vulnerabilities and methods of possible security breaches. I found this certification fills this gap clearing a lot of concepts. The lab exercise and challenges prior to the exam was a very fruitful experience where i could actually try and hack the systems and break into them.

Once, I was successful, i attempted the online multiple choice questions which covered all the updated security topics. The exam criteria covers topics which should be mandatory for any security engineer to be successful in his choice of career as a pen tester and grow.

Kamalpreet Kaur,
Senior Security Engineer-QA,
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd,
ECSA v9 Score: 92%

I have not stopped my learning with the CEH examination! In fact, I have been able to increase efficiency through using the skills that

Loren Riether,
Coastal Federal Union, USA

I have to say I am amazed by the amount of organized information this ECSA course provide , beside the rich content itself , the various colorful material layout which highlight key points accurately and list the other information as good to know type deliver a faster and clearly way to learn. The detailed explanation turn bits and bytes into a serial of interesting stories. Make start a professional career in information security which usually consider as a very wide and extremely complicated topic much easier. Highly recommend this training course to anyone who want to step into this challenging and talent demanding security world.

David Hsueh,
Principal Engineer,
Compal Electronics