As a cyber security consultant and trainer, I have to be updated with new technologies, methodologies, and threats. So, since LPT (Master) certificate is one of the most comprehensive cyber security certificates, I attended LPT (Master) exam to test both my skills and knowledge on this field.

During the three sessions of LPT (Master) exam, I faced different real-world simulated pen-testing challenges. These challenges were varied in their difficulty and type. They tested the knowledge and skills on Network, Web, and OS pen-testing. Also, the exam focused on following methodologies and how to write professional report during pen-testing process.

LPT (Master) is the first proctored pen-testing practical certificate. This means that everything will be monitored during the three sessions using mic, cam, and also screen sharing. Being proctored gives the exam an advantage over the other certificates, because it makes the cheating during the exam impossible.

In total, I recommend LPT (Master) certificate for all cyber security professionals because it helps them to increase their skills on doing pen-testing, following methodologies, and also on report writing.

Mohammad Khreesha,
SOC Manager,
January 23, 2018,

My name is Agnidhra Chakraborty, I am the co founder and CEO of an India based Cyber Security startup DFC Security and a proud EC Council alumnus, As EC Council says, L|PT (Master) is the capstone of the EC Council Certification path, and without a doubt it is, L|PT (Master) is not a mainstream MCQ Challenge, rather it tests your ability in real life penetration testing, you have to know every possible way of pentesting to crack the box, Not only that, it is mostly out of syllabus task, you have to do a little bit of research before compromising the box, and that’s what I had to do, I have completed C|EH, ECSA and C|HFI and prepared myself for L|PT (Master), I had to give every bit of my knowledge to crack the exam and finally I succeeded, I was taught by my teacher Mr. Eric Reed, he is the main reason I managed to achieve L|PT (Master), He is the greatest teacher I have ever had, by the way when you first look at the L|PT (Master) Challenge range you will feel like you are being hit by a truck but eventually you may figure out everything, Information gathering is the key thing and the challenges are interlinked, so if you can complete one challenge you will have some ease to complete others too, When you achieve L|PT (Master) you will feel like you are one of those top level cyber security experts who have the confidence to sit for a penetration testing at any moment. Every coin has two sides, as this is the most difficult exam you have to give your best and that hurts but after achieving L|PT (Master) I can promise your inbox will be full of job offers from different multi national companies.

I have an emotional attachment with EC Council and that’s why I want to say any course from EC Council totally worth it, and there is L|PT (Master), it is the dream of every cyber security expert.

In ECSA and L|PT (Master) you have to write a detailed penetration testing report, that is a cumbersome thing but that is the main part of a successful penetration testing and most important to communicate with your client, you have to write every single details with both technical and layman’s term so that the C-Level executives with zero knowledge in cyber security can understand that.

L|PT (Master) is the toughest exams I have ever attended but it is the game changer when it comes to show your degrees off, I would like to thank Mr. Jay Bavisi for giving the good guys a chance to fight against increasing Cyber crimes.

Agnidhra Chakraborty,
C|EH, ECSA, C|HFI, L|PT (Master),
DFC Security (India),
Sept 13, 2017

Top qualification is confirmed by the highest exam that is not a test but quest.

LPT Master Exam was excellent challenge! I am excited by the interesting practical LPT lab, with live tasks that encouraged me to improve my knowledge through fascinating researches.

The experience and the knowledge that I gained through this certification and achieved status will help me significantly in my work.

Sergey Klevogin,
CEH, ECSA, LPT, CHFI, CCISO, MCSE:Security, MCSE:Server Infrastructure,
Lead Instructor in Computer Training Center Specialist at Bauman MSTU

These technical certifications are quite interesting! Vendor neutral, they provide a wide scope of technical skills required when your job is to search for other’s intrusion and actions inside computer systems. Thanks to L|PT certification we’re now ready to officially do penetration testing with worldwide companies.

Christophe PEKAR,
AKAOMA Consulting

Recently in my region witnessed increasing successful IT hacking attempts into financial institutions databases, and critical web application portals, I have been in the IT security field since 10 years leading several enterprise and international security projects, from my experience each day published from 8 – 15 new vulnerabilities on common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database. IT security experts in Jordan and the Middle East needs to follow up the trend to be well prepared and one step ahead hackers and intruders to have more stable, secure and heather IT sector, armed with the latest perspective security education and knowledge introduced by the EC-Council.

“Being certified from EC-Council as a CEH, ECSA, LPT and CHFI addressed me to be recognition as one of the top security experts across Jordan and the Middle east, demonstrating expert security skills in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, wireless hacking and computer hacking forensics investigations.”

Dr. Ramzi Anwar Sunna,
IT Cross Platform Security Expert