Dear Proctor,

Kindly take note that you are to ensure that your candidates key in the exact details for their certification during exam registration. This includes full name, full address and contact details. Each candidate must key in a unique email ID as EC-Council will use that email ID to provide their Aspen login details.

Should any candidate key in incomplete details during exam registration, it will cause delay in processing their exam results and thus delaying the generation of their certification details. Any modification or addition to candidate details will cost USD75 and proctors will be held responsible.

As of January 31st 2013, the following changes to the Proctor Agreement shall take effect:

Proctor Responsibilities

  • The proctor shall abide by EC-Council Proctor Updates posted at:
  • It is the proctor’s responsibility to keep track of proctor policy and procedures updates posted on the webpage. EC-Council shall exert reasonable effort to communicate critical policy changes to proctors through email.
  • The proctor will verify the examinee’s eligibility under EC-Council’s discretion to attempt the relevant EC-Council certification exam. EC-Council Eligibility Policy is posted at:
  • The proctor agrees to administer exams for candidates who have been requested by EC-Council to retake the exam for audit/security purposes.

Termination of Agreement

  • The test center that the proctor works for, is no longer an EC-Council Test Center (ETC).

By duly signing below, you hereby agree to abide by the terms stated in the Agreement. This Agreement shall not be deemed executed by EC-Council and shall remain ineffective until the acceptance by EC-Council has been communicated to appoint the proctor as the official EC-Council Proctor.