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Item Writing Guidelines

Item Writing Guidelines

G-01The items contributed should be given only in MCQ format, with 4 options that includes 1 right answer. Items must be written in English only
G-02All three cognitive level of questions are accepted, namely knowledge, application, and analysis level questions.
G-03Although application and analysis level questions are preferred more to knowledge level
G-04Scenario based questions are encouraged.

ITEM CLARITY: Please keep the question clear and concise, here are a few guidelines under Item Clarity.

  • Use simple/plain English.
  • Always spell out acronyms, even when it is obvious.
  • Use of obscure words WILL lead to immediate invalidation.
  • Avoid the usage of jargon or slang and metaphors or a different figure of speech.
  • Capitalize and bold all qualifiers (i.e., BEST, MAIN, FIRST, LAST)
  • Do not use any gender or race bias. Refer to the job position, role, or responsibility instead
G-06ITEM RELEVANCY: The item should test for the application of marketing concepts, theories and standards and be based on the best accepted practices and standards rather than personal preferences or experience.
G-07The usage of negative questions or anything that may cause the candidate to reverse the thinking process is prohibited.
G-08ITEM CLUEING: The stem must not provide ANY clues to the key. Common clueing mistakes include the presence of a key word in the stem and key.
G-09Usage of teaching statements is prohibited, as it can be used to answer other questions.
G-10Trick questions should be strictly prohibited. Questions that explicitly attempt to mislead or confuse the minimally qualified candidate should be completely avoided.
G-11Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification.
G-12Duplicate items will not be considered and immediately eliminated.


Who is eligible to participate in this Item Writing activity?
On what basis does the Review Board select exam items?
What is the Item Writing Review Board?
How will I benefit by contributing my Exam Item to this initiative?
Will I be given sample format to submit my exam questions/items?
Do I need to be certified on the subject I am contributing the questions/items towards?
Is there an agreement I will be receiving post the acceptance of my application?