We are inviting EC-Council certified CCT members to be a part of the CCT Scheme Committee. Click here for more details.


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Why is EC-Council implementing a membership fee?
To continue the development and value of EC-Council certification credentials, as well as the continued support of its membership community, EC-Council has implemented a plan that requires the annual payment of certification maintenance fees inline with standard industry practices.
What benefits does a certified member enjoy?
Are all certified members required to pay the membership fee?
When will members be expected to make their first payment?
I own a CCISO, CPENT and/or LPT certification; Do I still need to pay an additional membership fee for my other EC-Council credentials?
I hold CCISO, CPENT and/or LPT certifications; Do I need to pay the membership fee for each individually?
I hold both CPENT and LPT certifications; Do I need to pay the membership fee for each individually?
What membership fee am I liable for if I choose to retire my CCISO, CPENT and/or my LPT credentials?
How can I pay the annual membership fee?
What mode of payment is accepted?
I have more than one EC-Council certification; do I need to pay per certification?
Will I be requested to pay multiple annual membership fees, if I own more than one account in Aspen?
What is the Membership Fee?
Does the existence of a continuing education requirement affect the membership fee that I pay?
Will I be automatically recertified for the next certification cycle (3 years) if I pay the annual membership fee?
Will I be required to pay the annual membership fee if my certifications are revoked and retired?
Who can I contact if I have more questions about the annual membership fee?